The samereaction wasactivatedbycyclopentadienyl ruthenium cationsunder mild conditions (83 C).18 2007-11-12 · I'll pick one of the choices to do as an example, Maleic Anhydride. I looked up the molecular formula of this and it is C4H2O3. a. First you need to find the molar mass:-look up on the periodic table what is called the atomic weight or molar mass (should be under the symbol). This is the number of grams in one mole of this element. -C: 12.01 g Comments .

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Diels Alder. a Diels-Alder reaction between maleic anhydride and anthracene was conducted. Reflux mechanism was used for the reaction to occur. To increase the speed of the reaction, xylene was used because of its high boiling point.After the reaction was complete, 1.08g of the off white product was obtained with a yield of 69.7%. It was not clear if a pure product had been formed because time Maleic anhydride and the product of the reaction are severe skin irritants. Be sure to wear gloves and avoid contact with these compounds. In a dry round-bottom flask, combine 1.0g of anthracene and 0.5 g of maleic anhydride, add 12 ml of xylenes (a mixture of dimethylbenzenes), and reflux the reaction mixture for about I'm wondering why maleic anhydride adds to the middle cycle of anthracene, and not the outer two.

Reaction to form cis -Norbornene-5,6-endo -dicarboxylic anhydride (Pavia 417).

Essay text: Anthracene was the diene and maleic anhydride was the dienophile. The percent yield of the crude product was 69.03%. Following recrystallization of the product using xylene and vacuum filtration, a percent yield of 37.42% for the recrystallized product was collected.

Take the time to validate and double check the source of the data.

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Anthracene and maleic anhydride

Become a member and  Cyclopentadiene. Diels-Alder Reaction Example Pyrrole.

of 2N sodium hydroxide  1 Jan 2011 This year we reacted the anthracene diene with two different dienophiles in addition to the classic maleic anhydride. The Bruice Organic  Answer and Explanation: The Diels-alder reaction between anthracene and maleic anhydride is shown below. See full answer below. Become a member and  Cyclopentadiene.
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Add the two solids into the flask. (Be sure the flask has cooled for at least two minutes before adding the solids, or they will melt.) Carry the round-bottomed flask to the hood maleic anhydride should produce 2.27g of 4-cyclohexene-cis-dicarboxylic anhydride and 2.54g of 4-cyclohexene-cis-1,2-dicarboxylic acid (Eqs.1 and 2). The mass of the dicarboxylic anhydride before drying was 1.90g. The mass of the dried dicarboxylic acid was 1.06g, resulting in a 41.7 % yield.